Stone Oak Church

Social Groups

We believe in sharing in fellowship with others, and have a number of small social groups by which to do that. 
Bridge Night Out 
  • Our Bridge Group meets at players' homes twice a month on Monday at 7:00 p.m.
  • We enjoy great comradery and friendship, and try to stimulate our brain cells. 
  • For more information, contact Joe Furnish at 210-410-7952.   
Dinners for Six
  • Groups of six church members get together and go out to eat -- to enhance fellowship and get acquainted.   
  • For more information, contact Steve Kale at 210-499-1365.
Golf Duffers
  • Golfers get together socially and play various city and military courses.  
  • For more information, contact Dave Durrant at 210-490-7877. 
Lunch Bunch
  • Lunch Bunch gathers on the 4th Tuesday of each month at various local restaurants.
  • All are welcome.
  • The restaurant for the next month is decided during lunch by all participating.
  • For more information, contact LaRee Lyons at 210-375-3338.  
Potluck Gatherings
  • We plan potlucks at least once a quarter after the worship service. 
  • Everyone is welcome as we like to feed people!  Newcomers do not need to bring a potluck dish.  
  • Our many cooks are fantastic, and the dishes they bring a varied and delightful (of yes, of course there will be fried chicken. This is a Presbyterian potluck after all!) 
  • For more information, contact Jane Hasty at 210-393-7658.
Youth Group
  • Our Youth Group meets Sunday evenings at 6:00 p.m.  Kyle Bowden leads our youth.
  • The Youth Program mixes up a wonderful blend of worship, service, fun, a mission trip, Movie Night, Secret Destination, and more.  
  • For more information, contact Kyle, phone: 830-423-6023.