Stone Oak Church

Session & Elders

Stone Oak Church is governed by the Session, which consists of seven members of the congregation known as Elders. 
  • The Elders are elected by the congregational membership for a term of three years. 
  • The Session members cannot be re-elected until after a one-year hiatus of not being on the Session.  
  • The Session Moderator, who is a non-voting member of the clergy, chairs the session meetings.  The meetings are open to all  church members and are held at 7:00 p.m. the second Tuesday of each month at the church. 
  • The Clerk of Session, who is also non-voting, records the minutes of the meetings.  The minutes are posted on the website for view by all church members.
Current Elders and corresponding term expirations are:
Dave Durrant, 210-387-2929            (2019)                                                               Keith Parker, 210-789-3861                       (2021)  
Margaret Swartz, 210-215-2359      (2019)                                                               Donna Jo Thompson, 210-789-8452         (2021)
Lori Grimes, 210-326-5562               (2020)                                                               Cody Wilkerson, 210-392-0247                 (2021)
Judy Wallace, 210-473-1771             (2020)                                                               Joe Cesmirosky, Clerk of Session
  • The October Elder of the Month is Donna Jo Thompson.