Stone Oak Church

Service Groups

All-Church Work Saturdays
  • We host All-Church Work Saturdays, two to four times per year, to help out with special maintenance, repair or decorating needs, as well as the necessary pick-up, put-away, & throw away tasks. 
  • We invite you to help out and we greatly appreciate all who join us.
  •  For more information, contact Cody Wilkerson at  210-392-0247.      
Grounds keeping
  • We do our own grounds keeping, and we are proud of our lovely lawn!  Thanks to all who help with this!
  • Teams of two serve all year ’round to mow, edge, trim, and so forth.
  • We always welcome more volunteers to help with this important need.
  • For more information, contact Henry Dirks at 210-497-8227.                     
Jana's Crafters
  • Jana's Crafters is a group of church ladies who enjoy quilting, crafts and each others company. 
  • They meet at the church at 10:00 a.m. on the first Saturday of the month, downstairs below the Sanctuary.   
  • Their desire to offer comfort, mercy, and healing has led them to reach out to others in need, and the results of their labors are donated to the Fisher House, Children's Hospital and Camp Sunshine.   
  • For more information, contact Deb Holt at 830-980-7030 or Margaret Swartz at 210-215-2359.   
KP Duty
  • Our KP Duty consists of helping tidy up the kitchen after Sunday morning coffee, just after to the Worship Service.
  • Church members sign up to take rotating duty.  The more the merrier!
  • We welcome new friends!      
Sanctuary, Altar, and Sacristy Service 
  • We welcome anyone who would like to help in the Sanctuary, Altar and Sacristy. 
  • Help is always needed to keep things tidy and orderly, to make sure all is in order for each Worship Service, to note when supplies need reordering, the candlesticks need cleaning, and more.  
  • If you'd like to help or if you have questions, please contact Laura McCroskey at 210-913-2915.
Ushers & Greeters
  • Our smiling greeters welcome members and visitors on Sunday mornings, pass out bulletins, collect the offering and answer questions.  
  • For more information, contact Laura McCroskey at 210-913-2915.
Worship Service Nursery and Cry Room
  • Highly experienced mothers and grandmothers provide Nursery Service for parents attending Worship Service. 
  • Please note that our church has a Cry Room adjacent to the Sanctuary.  There are speakers in the room so that you can also hear the Worship Service.
  • For more information, contact Laura McCroskey at 210-913-2915.